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We see clients, technology partners and employees as one team. The consistent exchange at eye level is essential for us: only through a culture of listening and continuous conversation are we able to implement outstanding solutions within the shortest possible time and sustainably strengthen our customers. A high level of understanding for each other, the generous sharing of knowledge and the passion for complex challenges have allowed us to grow together and have produced long-standing partnerships.

Highest performance with people in mind – that’s what we mean by sustainability. No extra grinding, no superfluous costs, no waste of our own resources or those of our customers. The only thing we really don’t skimp on is the exchange among ourselves and the passion for our projects. Admittedly – every now and then we also finish work early and get on our bikes with our favourite colleague.

How we work

In our internal Competence teams and focus groups, we promote the transfer of knowledge between experienced experts and young professionals who are employed in corporate groups and SMEs in various sectors. This commitment ensures a high level of project success for our clients and constant corporate development for us.

Our low staff turnover enables the continuous deployment of our teams in the projects. This is an essential prerequisite for reliable cooperation. We schedule cimt employees who are already known to us as far as possible for deployment in projects. This means that our clients have recurring contact persons as well as low familiarisation costs for further projects. We take care of the training of new employees in a cost-neutral and success-oriented manner.

We rely on a high degree of self-responsibility, because this is not only particularly efficient, but also promotes the innovative strength and satisfaction of our employees.

Our project managers are available to the customer on site as the first point of contact. As a rule, they take up the customer’s topics directly, support the custom-fit preparation of offers and ensure that the projects are appropriately scheduled with suitable employees. The customer contact persons have a direct line to the company management and also take care of customer requirements beyond their own subject area. This provides optimal support for the projects.

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cimt ag is one of Germany’s best IT service providers 2023!

In cooperation with Statista, the business magazine Brandeins has examined the market for the fourth time and presented a list of the best IT service providers. This year, cimt ag is one of the 285 companies listed. The award fills us with pride and we thank everyone who gave us their vote!

comments about us
As the person responsible for the DWH area at mobile.de, I can rely 100 % on cimt ag.
cimt employees are very good at assessing when stakeholders need to be involved and what can be decided independently.
Testimonial by Michael Schulz

Michael Schulz

With cimt ag, we have a partner who has extensive know-how in enterprise projects and is familiar with the important areas of IBM, SAP, Oracle & Co. In addition to traditional projects, we also want to focus on SAP projects in the future, as there is a great need for data integration and Big Data here. We are looking forward to further close cooperation and growth in Holland, where cimt has recently become our reseller and partner.
Testimonial by Francois Chiche

Francois Chiche

former Vice President Channel and Alliances, Talend
Healthy growth is worth more to us than quick profits. Because only in this way can we live up to our standards of performance and fairness!
Testimonial by Stefan Mann

Stefan Mann

Board member cimt ag
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Danske Hus · Messberg 4 · 20095 Hamburg
Phone +49 40 53302-0 · Fax +49 40 53302-22
Contact Person: Christian Kreutzmann, christian.kreutzmann@cimt-ag.de
Thorsten Kuhlmann, thorsten.kuhlmann@cimt-ag.de
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Lichthaus · Oskar-Jäger-Straße 170 · 50825 Cologne
Phone +49 221 367986-0 · Fax +49 221 367986-22
Contact person: Arnt Zimmermann
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Bundesallee 39-40a · 10717 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 834098-0 · Fax: +49 30 834098-22
Contact person: Oliver Fromm
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Steinstraße 4 · 40212 Dusseldorf
Phone: +49 211 545907-0 · Fax: +49 211 545907-99
Contact person: Mehrdad Abdipour
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Grüneburgweg 9 · 60322 Frankfurt
Phone: +49 69 9150687-0 · Fax: +49 69 9150687-22
Contact person: Marc Herber
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cimt b.v.
Sparrendaalseweg 5 · NL-5262 LR Vught
Phone: +31 73 30304 58
Contact Person: Taco van het Reve

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