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Driving Business Success with Data Mesh & Data Products

One Data is an innovative software company based in Germany. Following the principles of Data Mesh, it offers a solution that allows data experts to easily and quickly create suitable data products for various domain users.

The centerpiece of One Data is an interactive data map. Without replicating data, you can quickly gain a comprehensive overview of the data landscape.

With One Data’s AI-powered Data Product Builder, data experts can connect, discover, transform, quality check, and deploy data products at the click of a button.

Each department can quickly access quality-assured data products through a marketplace and use them for their specific use cases. Data products can be published in third-party tools such as Tableau, Databricks, or in data warehouses like Snowflake to support business intelligence or advanced analytics applications. This paves the way for innovation based on new insights derived from data.

In partnership

cimt has more than 22 years of experience in the field of data engineering and data management across various industries and is well-versed in data architectures and concepts in the analytical domain.

With One Data, we are strengthening our portfolio by partnering with a valuable ally that offers an innovative solution for the current challenges around Active Metadata Management and Data Mesh. As a former data science consultancy, One Data also has a team of experts who has worked across industries that can leverage knowledge from past projects to tackle new challenges. Together, we help deliver data products to drive business innovation.

Through this partnership, our clients not only benefit from years of experience in data projects but also from a strong team that embraces your challenges and develops a long-term corporate strategy.

"One Data and cimt share a common passion: making data usable and leveraging it intelligently. We are delighted to have cimt ag as an experienced and strong partner in the field of data management, analytics, data transformation, and integration by our side."



Benedikt Edelmann

Senior BI Consultant

Phone: +49 (0)40 53302-171

Your advantages
Overview of services
Requirements analysis
Free product demo or Marco Polo Workshop for your specific use case
Complete installation and initial setup of One Data
Implementation of automated data quality checks
Creation of new data products
Coaching, maintenance, and support
Benefit from
An all-in-one solution based on the principles of the Data Mesh concept to fully leverage its benefits
Close collaboration with experienced data and data science experts who prioritize customer success
Experience in creating and optimizing dashboards with applications in One Data or direct export to Tableau
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