Agile as Routine

Nowadays, agility is known in every company and Scrum is the standard in software development.  However, we still encounter the following challenges again and again in our projects and product developments: 

  • The time-to-market lasts very long, because we don’t dare to deliver features that are not perfect 
  • Prioritisation does not take place consistently. Many things are equally important, but the team cannot do everything at the same time. 
  • Users don’t use different features because they don’t need them 
  • Planning consumes a long period of time, and the validity of the plans constantly overtakes itself 
  • Planned budgets are exceeded 

That sounds familiar? Then get to know our Agile Team Development! 

Developing AgilityWe Have the Right Product 

During years of project experience, we often observe that higher management levels decide to let the organisation or individual teams work according to agile methodologies (e.g. Scrum , Kanban, Lean & co.). However, changing the way to work does not take place by command, but is an intensive change process.  

We explore with you how far the path has already been taken. We find out which dimensions of agility are most relevant for you and are already pronounced in your organisation. From this, we jointly derive development measures. 

We consider the following dimensions of a team in the agility assessment to be important: 

  • Team Structure 
  • Organisational Cohesion 
  • Transparency 
  • Cooperation with customer/users 
  • Leadership 
  • Learning & Error Culture 
  • Technology 

Based on these agility dimensions, we accompany you in the development of a maturity model adapted to your needs and frame conditions. With this, you can determine the maturity level of your team yourself at any time, while we support the development of the team with suitable measures. 

This Is How We Proceed 

In a preliminary discussion, we define the formalities for determining the agility assessment: 

  • For whom should the Agile Team Development be elaborated (e.g. team(s), business units, whole organisation)?  
  • Who are the appropriate participants for the maturity model workshop? 

Following the agility assessment, dimensional development formats are individually adapted and can be mapped, for example, through retrospectives, OKR or persona workshops. Our highest priority is to design the right development measures for you and the current state of your team/company and to accompany them in a spirit of partnership. 

How often the agility assessment and further development of your team/company is carried out depends on how satisfied you are and whether you see potential for development. 

We Offer Two Product Packages 

Agile Team Development Starter

Agility assessment with a tailored retrospective 
Implementation within 2-4 weeks – completion delayed by 2-3 months 

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Agile Team Development Individual

Agility assessment and individually agreed dimension developments                    Implementation within 2-6 months – completion delayed by 2-3 months

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Your Advantages 

Individual Solution 

To ensure successful team development and assessment, we work together to develop solutions that fit your organisation. 

Support for Agile Transformations 

Through a direct insight into your teams, you get to know at an early stage how agile you already are. 

Transparent Working Methods and Involvement 

Transparency and continuous consultation provide you with information on how we work and give us the opportunity to adapt to the circumstances. 

Commitment to the Customer 

We respond to you as a customer in the best possible way and develop formats that are available as a solution in your existing infrastructure. 


You Would Like to Be Advised? 

Take your team and company one step further in the direction of agile working and benefit from it in the long term. Feel free to contact us without obligation! We look forward meeting you and your team. 

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