Data Warehouse and Data Management Strategies

From Data Warehousing to Big Data Warehousing

The explosive growth and ever-increasing variety of data volumes are changing the industry permanently and forcing companies to restructure their data warehouses. Access to immense data in real time is essential, but the conversion is often associated with high investment costs. cimt is a project partner with many years of enterprise experience in a wide range of industries. As an expert for Big Data solutions, data volumes ranging from terabytes to petabytes are part of our daily business. Open source technologies, such as Talend, offer maximum efficiency and our proven cimt job framework a robust data warehouse architecture.

Requirements for a modern data management architecture

Data management architectures are constantly evolving – and yet the current development stage is not necessarily the right one for your process landscape. Based on your requirements, we determine the right approach and procedure for a modern data management architecture.

Whether it is the planning of a data warehouse with Data Vault, the combination of data lake and data hub for a smooth distribution of data, integration of Kappa or Lambda architecture or hybrid solutions in the combination of cloud and on-premise technologies – we will work with you to develop the right solution approach and will also be happy to implement it in collaboration with you.

Scalability, reusability of solutions, agility in implementation and the pursuit of a best-of-breed approach are a matter of course for us.

This is how we work

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    Five benefits of a successful restructuring of your DWH:

    1 .

    Avoiding cost explosions

    through the use of open source-based technologies
    2 .

    Increasing the speed

    and flexible design of data provision
    3 .

    Fast and uncomplicated connection

    new data sources
    4 .

    Increase scalability and build a base

    for Big Data processing through redesign with robust architecture
    5 .

    Highly up-to-date

    through the reduction of cycles

    Business Cases

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