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Are you an organization with distributed systems that interact with each other? Do you have a complex architecture with multiple data sources? Are there teams or departments that participate together in a workflow? Are you using rules that produce multiple outcomes depending on the conditions? Or are there couple of activities that you need to execute on a regular basis?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then business process management seems to be a good fit for your company. Modeling your processes with the OMG standards BPMN and DMN and automating them using a process engine definitely give you a head start in the digital age we ae living in.

cimt is a gold partner of the leading process automation company Camunda. Our OCEB2 certified process experts have put together the BPM standard notations and concepts with the complex real scenarios gathered from many years of their experiences. Modeling your processes following BPMN good practices, integrating relevant BPM concepts in your technology stack, automating your workflow, monitoring and analyzing KPIs — we offer competent consultation and support for each step.


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You can find more information about our partnership with Camunda here.

Are you ready to get started with process automation? Then our carefully developed, customized MVP Starter-kit Process Automation could be of interest to you!

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