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Industry: E-Commerce
Headquarters: Berlin

Customer review

Michael Schulz
Data Warehouse Manager
"Talend DI gives the DWH team the flexibility to react to all upcoming requirements and therefore fits perfectly into our infrastructure approach. As the person responsible for the DWH area at, I can rely 100% on cimt ag."

Initial Situation

The customer operates an international web platform for brokering used vehicles. Growing business and the resulting increase in customer data volumes brought’s data warehouse system to its capacity limits, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Processing and query speeds suffered from the data load, and improving data timeliness was difficult with the existing platform.

As a result, decided to replace the existing ETL tool with one that was more scalable and cost-effective, necessitating a redevelopment of the ETL processes/steps.

The conception of a scalable data warehouse architecture was to be created by an external, independent and, above all, experienced service provider. Ingestion and processing of existing and new data volumes were to be accurately pointed out. Whether the migration of the ETL steps would be sufficient to increase the scalability of the application had to be examined.


Replacement of ETL routes with Talend DI and expansion of data sources for the data warehouse to the current status of the core application.


Design and coaching in using Talend as a development platform and implementing ETL jobs with Talend. Introduction of best practices for the management processes and development with Talend (naming conventions, patterns, documentation guidelines). Consulting and evaluation of database platform and data modeling concepts and technologies.

  • Support of the project team by Talend coaches and Talend DI developers
  • Building the Talend Operating Platform
  • Introduction of the cimt-ETL framework for the observation and control of incremental management processes
  • Developing workarounds for errors in Talend components
  • Preparation and implementation of release upgrades of Talend products
  • Consulting/sparring regarding data modelling in the data warehouse
  • Examination of the procedure for the use of column-oriented databases

Used Technologies

  • Talend Studio DI
  • Talend Administration Center
  • Talend Job Server
  • MySQL
  • Infobright
  • Jira
  • Confluence


  • Better performance
  • Significantly lower licensing costs
  • The current management of the data warehouse is carried out exclusively via Talend Jobs
  • Current extensions of the data warehouse are still reasonable in terms of effort and can be estimated with a high degree of certainty.
  • Ideal job monitoring thanks to cimt framework
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