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What is SAP Solution Manager?

SAP Solution Manager is the multifunctional tool for controlling, managing and supporting the implementation, optimization and operation of your entire SAP system landscape.

Acceleration of the project implementation of a complex SAP Retail solution

Together with our costumers we implemented the Solution Manager as an efficient tool for SAP users and IT. Based on our extensive knowledge in the area of Application Lifecycle Management of SAP solutions, we have created a central platform for documentation and transparency of processes, problems & solutions (“Single Point of Truth”). This enables a consistent use of solution documentation while avoiding redundant data due to the basic reuse of elements by using libraries for process steps, developments, configurations or interfaces. Uniform documentation in accordance with the motto “Don’t repeat yourself” significantly increased the efficiency of project work and accelerated processes.

The time factor was of decisive importance in the large-scale project, as retail is subject to permanently changing business requirements. These require a rapid response to changes in customer behavior and presuppose a flexible retail concept. In order to shorten the project duration, the execution of work packages was therefore parallelized and the solution was successively put into production in releases. The parallelization created further complexity, which was only possible due to the integration of process documentation, test management and productive operation on a central SAP platform.
The clear assignment of problems to business processes and functions made it possible to identify and sustainably solve weak points during the test phases. The transparent presentation of problems (tickets) also allowed rapid processing and central solution documentation. The central problem and solution description also enabled fast communication between business users and IT consultants without friction losses.
SAP Solution Manager offers extensive options for evaluating current change requests, test statuses and problems. Continuous monitoring and always up-to-date reporting form the basis for reliable project and program control and significantly reduce the effort required by the project management team. With the current project status available at all times, bottlenecks could be identified early, countermeasures defined and critical situations avoided.


All departments, project participants, system administrators and program management benefit from the use of SAP Solution Manager. However, SAP Solution Manager shows its advantages especially in complex system landscapes and project plans as well as in situations where the time factor plays a significant role.

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