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DevOps pursues the merging of the principles of development, IT operations and quality assurance. It is a process improvement approach from the areas of software development and system administration. For us, DevOps represents the bridge between development and operations. The goal is to achieve an increase in software quality and robustness. Furthermore, the use of DevOps should accelerate the development process and thus achieve shorter delivery iterations.

In partnership
We are a Red Hat Business Partner and also partner with HashiCorp, so we have expert knowledge and experience of process improvement approaches and can implement the right DevOps approach for you as a business to increase software quality and robustness with our experts.

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We would be happy to discuss your concerns with you in an introductory meeting and show you the best options for further development with DevOps. Arrange an appointment with us right away. We look forward to meeting you!

Factors for success:

  • Integration of the software platforms of the individual areas
  • Coordination of infrastructure and processes
  • High degree of automation (CI/CD)

Software Lifecycle Process

An iterative cycle for further development is described.

Dev phases:

  • First, a plan for further development is defined
  • This further development is designed, built and tested

DevOps Zyklus

Ops phases:

  • After a successful test, further development is released
  • The release is then deployed
  • Deployment is monitored
  • If there are to be additional further developments, the cycle restarts again
  • Creation of a powerful tool chain
  • Developing a common quality aspiration and working mindset
  • Optimal use of agile approaches for the existing working environment
  • Culture change


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Managing Partner

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