SAP Real Estate Management with SAP RE-FX

SAP Real Estate Management

SAP RE-FX is SAP’s module for managing real estate, which is available in both SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA. With the help of RE-FX, all business processes related to real estate can be mapped, for which the integration of other SAP components, such as financial accounting, asset accounting, controlling or maintenance, is also used.

The master data of the real estate is created in RE-FX in the usage view and optionally also in the architectural view.

Usage view

In the usage view, the real estate is represented from an accounting or business perspective. In order to map commercial processes with SAP RE-FX, the creation of real estate in the usage view is mandatory. In addition to the usage view, there is also an architectural view.

The architectural view can optionally be used in addition to the usage view and represents the objects architecturally (e.g. division of rental objects into rooms). It is also set up independently of the ownership of the property. The architectural view is particularly interesting for modernization and new construction projects, as it helps to precisely plan the scope of work for such measures. The objects of the usage and architectural view can be linked with each other.

Commercial real estate management

Commercial real estate management is used to handle all the processes involved in managing a property. Through a multitude of contract types, all contract constructs of a debit-side as well as credit-side nature, such as leasing and renting, deposit and service contracts, own use, etc. can be managed.

The rental contract is at the center of real estate management. From the conclusion of the contract to the posting of debit positions and monitoring of payments, the execution of rent adjustments and service charge settlements including adjustment of advance payments, to the termination or use of renewal options, the life cycle of the contract is managed in SAP RE-FX. In addition, the option of sales-based rent accounting, the creation of rent invoices, as well as automatic option rate determination and input tax distribution is offered, which is mainly used for the leasing of commercial properties.

All these functions are fully integrated with the financial accounting and controlling functions, which is why these two components are also a prerequisite for using RE-FX.

A large amount of correspondence is also generated in the course of administration. This can be programmed according to the individual needs of the customers. The correspondences are filed to the respective object and archived if desired. For easy sending by e-mail as well as for administration and status tracking of the printing and sending process, we can offer our partner solution SmartDocs as an add-on.


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Feel free to contact us if you need support in RE-FX. Due to many years of experience and numerous RE-FX implementation projects as well as optimizations and support for existing customers, especially in the area of service charge accounting, master data and contract management as well as rental accounting, we are a competent partner for you in all aspects of RE-FX.

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