New introduction of SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM)



AKN Eisenbahn GmbH

Workshop, signalling, maintenance

Railway companies (infrastructure and transport companies)

Headquarters: Kaltenkirchen



The Project

Workshops and Vehicles Department
Railway vehicles
Project basis
Maintenance strategies
After go-live
Maintenance orders per month
After go-live
Signalling and Maintenance Departments
Linear Technical Seats
After go-live in the first year
Linear Equipment
After go-live in the first year
Maintenance orders in the first quarter
After go-live

Initial situation

Every year, the trains of AKN Eisenbahn GmbH (AKN) carry around 11.9 million passengers (2017) from southern Schleswig-Holstein to the Hamburg metropolitan region and back. AKN operates on its own rail infrastructure, maintains others and is therefore both a railway undertaking (RU) and a railway infrastructure undertaking (EIU). CareOffice is used as a tool for maintenance processing. SAP is used in the areas of financial accounting, controlling and materials management (warehouse management, purchasing). All relevant documents are archived in ELO.

AKN has decided to use SAP more extensively in order to benefit from the integration of the different modules. The first step is the introduction of the PM (Plant Maintenance) module as a replacement for CareOffice to optimise the maintenance processes.


Design and implementation of the PM module for the workshops and rolling stock department, including integration into controlling and materials management. The department is responsible for the corrective and preventive maintenance of the railcars.

In the second project phase, the Linear Asset Management (LAM) module is to be introduced for the signalling and maintenance departments. These two departments are responsible for the entire route network, the stations including the signalling equipment, points and the equipment at the stations.


Within the scope of the SAP PM implementation, both functional locations and equipment were mapped. In addition, linear asset management has been activated for the rail network and the signalling systems, switches and other equipment. In this context, the dynamic segmentation of the linear master data is also used.

In order to make optimal use of scheduled maintenance, measurement points and measurement documents have been created, maintenance strategies have been set up on the basis of statutory time schedules and maintenance plans have been scheduled. Planned and actual times are recorded to optimise the use of machines and people.

In reactive maintenance, notifications and catalogues are used. Damage patterns, causes of damage and damage objects are mapped via the catalogues for better evaluability.

The integration of inventory management and purchasing into the maintenance order process to improve order controlling was then the next logical step.


As cimt, we took over the process consulting in this project and also created the concept for the implementation. After the concept was presented and accepted, we configured the system, developed forms and simplified time feedback, trained users and accompanied the go-live process.

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