Agile Transformation with Scrum

The courage to change

Entrepreneurial actions are particularly challenged by a volatile market in the current times. In order to survive, companies must be able to adapt to the market according to the speed of change in the environment. Classic project procedures, which often plan a project over a very long period of time, do not meet this requirement for dynamics. This is exactly where an agile approach like Scrum can unfold its full potential and promote a continuous learning culture in your organisation. Scrum as a method is now established and proven in companies from start-ups to large international corporations.

We are the partner at your side for the introduction and use of Scrum. Together with you, we develop implementation strategies and visions for your company and do not leave you alone during implementation. In the cooperation, we bring our competence and years of experience to accompany you on your way to a more agile organisation and agile work processes.

The Scrum values are our daily companion

Fünf bunte Kreise mit den Werten von agiler Transformation.
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We take care to meet your employees at eye level so that resistance to change is counteracted from the outset and everyone finds their place in the new way of working.


For us, courage means maximising transparency, taking responsibility for our work, tackling the right issues and overcoming hurdles.


When working with us, our focus is on the successful fulfilment of your goals. To this end, we approach our work with discipline and perseverance.


When implementing Scrum, we do not stick pedantically to the specifications of the Scrum Guide. Even if each component has its justification in principle, we check what makes sense for your organisation. Within the framework of your business environment, we open up the space for individual adaptations together with your experts.


With us, you commission a competent partner for your company. With a passion for agility, we overcome your challenges together.

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Your Advantages

1 .

Customised solution

To ensure a successful transformation, we work together to develop solutions that fit your organisation.

2 .

Transparent operation and cyclical development

Transparency and a continuous reflection of our work helps us to learn and develop in fast feedback cycles.

3 .

High level of comprehension

The high level of comprehension of our colleagues enables us to familiarise ourselves with your context in a short time and to achieve results quickly.

4 .

Always up-to-date

You benefit from our knowledge, which our experts regularly acquire in training courses and through exchanges of experience.

5 .

State-of-the-art method in software development

Especially in IT projects, Scrum is a rightly frequently used method that equips you for the future.


Business Cases

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