Global system manufacturer

Diverse DI jobs and REST services with Talend

Global system manufacturer


Globaler Systemhersteller

Industry: Maschinenbau
Headquarters: South Germany



Consulting topics

Initial situation

As a global system manufacturer for high-performance, reliable and intelligent propulsion and power generation solutions in the field of shipping and infrastructure, this customer required the connection of a wide variety of systems. As a conceptual design and implementation partner, cimt ag supports the provision of a central data integration platform for the digital future.

The path to the digital future

We build the bridge between existing and cloud-based systems of the future.

One challenge for the digital future is the connection of various on-prem applications, such as SAP systems, but also technologies that are predominantly found in the cloud. These include data lakes, AMQP and REST. In the course of this, we addressed changing and heterogeneous requirements from external and internal projects. In addition, we were in regular exchange and worked closely with the specialist departments.

Despite the versatility, we managed to develop reusable interfaces to enable flexible and stable operation. As a result, the connection of the in-house future platform was realized.

Integration of existing data pots

We made the data usable.

By creating data integration jobs and services, we enabled the use of existing data. In doing so, we have been able to reach hard-to-access data that was previously unusable. With Talend as the Data Integration solution, cimt ag was able to make the use of telemetry data available to other products and applications. Thanks to the lean, fast and professional development, smart solutions and generic interfaces were created.

Provision of a scalable DI platform

To also make the DI platform fit for current and future projects, cimt ag migrated the existing Talend environment to a modern, scaling, (still partially) automated container environment. This allowed us to implement integration into an existing system landscape and build a robust, redundant microservice architecture.

cimt ag was and is also available for further consulting topics, such as the choice of an API management tool, MSSQL optimizations and setting up container and Linux environments.


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